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New engineering colleges not to be approved “only to watch their seats go vacant” -AICTE



Need for a ‘national perspective plan’ says AICTE Chairman Sahasrabudhe


In an recent interview, recently AICTE Chairman Anil Sahasrabudhe talks about the measures taken to check vacant seats and says any moratorium on fresh approvals for colleges will be based on perspective plans from states.


As far as the check the large number of vacant seats by the AICTE Chairman Anil Sahasrabudhe said that it was already announced that institutions with less than 30% or less admission s over the last five years to close down. In such circumstances it s difficult for to meet expenses, maintain standards and pay government-scale salaries to teachers even when 80 percent of the seats are filled up.


There are about 370 colleges where admissions have been less than 30% consecutively for five years and as many as 1,490 colleges where admissions are less than 30% during the last three consecutive years.


There have been surprise inspections in colleges to check if the level of standard has been maintained. “Our inspections have to be honest, transparent and thorough” said Sahasrabudhe.


After an inspection last year, 311 institutes were inspected, after which two were closed, 49 were not allowed to admit students for one year and 83 were given a lower number of seats.


According to Anil Sahasrabudhe the curriculum for engineering courses will be revised every year instead of once in five years. Engineering students will also go through a three-week induction programme at the beginning of their course. There will now be summer internships in industries for students — aimed at bridging the gap between industry requirements and students’ vocation.


On the five-year moratorium on fresh approvals for technical education institutes, the AICTE chairman said that, this should be based on a robust perspective plan.  No colleges cannot be approved just to let the seats go vacant, “we will consider requests for moratorium, provided states share a perspective plan mapping their district-wise demand of engineering graduates in future” said Anil Sahasrabudhe.
Further, a committee under the chairmanship of Professor H. P. Khincha (former vice-chancellor of Vishveswarya Technological University, Belgaum) has been constituted for preparing a national perspective plan. This requires a lot of data collection and the committee has suggested that we seek help from the private sector.


The problem of vacant seats is not just that there e no students but that there are number of private and deemed universities which also admit engineering students, but they are not under the purview of AICTE.   Sahasrabudhe said, “Unlike engineering institutes whose intake is capped by AICTE, there is no limit on private universities and deemed universities offering B Tech courses”.
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