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New amendment in the CBSE byelaws

New amendment in the CBSE byelaws

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Private schools can now bypass state govt for CBSE affiliation as the new amendment in the CBSE byelaws made at the command of Minister of State for Human Resource Development (HRD) Shashi Tharoor.

He said that all private schools have to first seek the permission of their respective state governments, which comes in the form of a ‘No Objection Certificate (NOC)’, before applying for CBSE affiliation.

This is now being removed after the HRD ministry found that it was being used by corrupt state officials to demand bribes from private schools.

This move, when implemented, might not go down too well with the state governments.

But for now officials are not willing to react to this proposal. “I don’t know what the centre has in mind exactly, so, I can’t comment on the matter,” said JS Sahariya, additional secretary, school education, Maharashtra government.


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One Response to “New amendment in the CBSE byelaws”

  1. philip says:

    I hope the proposal of the HRD minister Sashi Tharoor becomes a reality. The CBSE website continues to show the requirement of NOC for affiliation. I have not known any school in most states that have got an NOC without paying in lakhs in cash or kind or other benefits.

    But then most of our laws with many of its minute bye-laws are made in such a way that some of them are almost impossible to fulfill, and are made to facilitate bribery.

    A school which is more than 50 years old getting 100% result in the UP Board exam almost every year and whose students appear in the UP merit list almost every year has been waiting for more than six years for an NOC to affiliate with the CBSE. Reasons for not getting NOC? Anyone can guess.