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More Teachers Join Nation-Wide Protest Against Choice Based Credit System

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The ongoing protest against the government’s new choice based credit system (CBCS) has got a new momentum after another group of higher-education teachers voiced their dissent over the issue.

The academics for Action and Development have now come aboard with those opposing CBCS and a range of other moves that they argue, are nothing but a preparation to implement the Common University Act/Bill. The Delhi University Teachers’ Association along with a collective of student unions was already raising their voice against CBCS for quite some time now. Amongst those to have joined the protests now include many eminent scholars – the likes of renowned historian Romilla Thapar.

Aditya Narayan Mishra of AAD argues that the government wants to standardize the curriculum (which will see an individual university having just 20 per cent leeway to choose the syllabus) because it wants to impose its own ideology on education institutes. He also expressed his concerns over the possibility of making teaching jobs transferable saying that it may be misused to punish those who oppose the system.

Another teacher from the Assam University argued that it was unfair on the part of the government to impose a common entrance exam as there are massive difference between the different types of higher education along with the differences in locations and facilities available in each individual colleges or institutes.

Some also argue that imposing a common curriculum will “kill diversity” in the India’s existing higher education ecosystem. “Ujjain has Kalidasa Samaroh and a Jabalpur university holds Raj Shekha Samaroh. It’s because these scholars are from these areas. A common programme will kill these,” says Ram Kishor Shastri, Sanskrit professor at Allahabad University, stated, as reported by the Times of India.

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