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MCI Rejects request to teach MBBS in Hindi


Medical Council of India (MCI) rejected the request of Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi Vishwavidyalaya Bhopal to teach MBBS in Hindi

MCI Rejects request to teach MBBS in Hindi – The Medical Council of India (MCI) has rejected the request of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal to teach MBBS in Hindi language.

The university had demanded from the apex Medical regulator to give an option to write their exams in Hindi to students pursuing MBBS degree course, as long as it is not possible for it to have Hindi as another medium of instruction. The matter has been in the news for many years now.

Bhopal-based Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi University submitted the proposal in 2016 to sought permission from the council to start teaching MBBS course in Hindi. The proposal was brought up in the executive council meeting of MCI, with the view that if books and medical journals are available then there is no issue in granting permission to allow the varsity to start MBBS course in Hindi as MCI conducts medical entrance examination in Hindi too.

In response to the same the council sought a detailed report from the varsity on the availability of books, journals and resources in Hindi

The MCI has given a decision against medium of instruction for imparting medical education to be Hindi after examining the matter citing “lack” of adequate teaching and learning resource material in the language while observing that English gives graduates a global exposure

“In an era of internationalization and information and communication technology ruling the roost, it is difficult to conclude and recommend that situation is ripe and appropriate to avail Hindi as a medium of instruction for undergraduate given a Medical education.”

Several constraints have been cited by apex medical council that the students would have had to face if they opt for writing medical courses examinations in Hindi including:

  • Paucity of adequate learning material in Hindi language– “Bulk of the learning resource material on the said count is handy and mostly available in English which facilitates the timely incorporation and required dispensation in teaching and learning at undergraduate medical education.”
  • English more acceptable abroad for its refusal to grant permission– On the international front too, the language availed as a medium of instruction for medical education is English. Examples of developed, developing as well as neighboring countries having English as a medium of instruction for medical education were also given. “It is precisely on the strength that medium of instruction in India is English, the Graduates in a realistic sense have international opportunities open and available to them in a handy manner which adds to their exposure, experience and update as well in a roundabout manner.”

Medical council also added that “it has to be borne in mind that the quality centricity of medical education has to keep pace with the scientific and technological advancement which is galloping as of now at a very fast pace.”

“It is inevitably required to ensure that these advancements are appropriately incorporated in the curriculum and syllabi in a timely manner, so as to keep a proper pace with it.”

The MCI also expressed fear on the aftermaths that have to be face if it allows the mother tongue language in a multilingual country,

The Committee feels it imperative to place it record that in a multilingual country where official languages are included in a specific schedule appended to the constitution and the states having been reorganized on the linguistic basis, configuration of Hindi alone as a language as medium of instruction in medical education would not suffice. There would be demands from the States to have their respective state languages to be availed as a medium of instruction for medical education which would add to the multiplicity to the issue at hand.

Keeping all this matter in view the council made a decision that it would not be wise and prudent to avail Hindi as a medium of instruction at undergraduate medical education at this point of time

Only 150 colleges are in the Hindi-speaking States out of the total 450 medical colleges across the country, while the remaining are in the Southern States.

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