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Massive media campaign for PM’s September 5 program

The Human Resource and Development (HRD) ministry has kick started a massive media campaign encompassing both print and electronic media to promote Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s forthcoming Teachers Day program on September 5, 2014.

The Prime Minister’s much anticipated plans include live interaction with young students across the country. Modi’s program includes an hour-long session with 1000 students in Delhi on the day. This interaction will broadcast live to approximately 14 lakh government schools throughout the country using the educational satellite Edusat.

Following the session, Modi will take questions from students across the country. According to reports, the HRD ministry is trying extra hard to make sure that the schools in remote areas of the Northeast can partake in this inclusive exercise – a first-of-this-kind event.

As of now, the ministry is collaborating closely with the states to enable technological upgradation in some schools to make the planned nationwide live interaction a reality. Schools that can not upgrade their technological infrastructure in due time, will be asked to take their students to the nearest education center with adequate facilities.

The government has already directed Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and National Informatics Center (NIC) to help schools with their preparations.

HRD ministry officials are saying because Edusat-based interactive teaching is currently operational in several engineering institutes and distance learning centers all over the country, organizing the forthcoming grand event successfully is unlikely to be much difficult.

Launched over 10 years back in 2004 by ISRO, Edusat in India’s first ever satellite dedicated exclusively for educational purpose. Unfortunately, while the ministry has asked all states to participate in the program, only the BJP-ruled states have so far responded with enthusiasm.

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One Response to “Massive media campaign for PM’s September 5 program”

  1. Vikas Ahuja says:

    Achhay Din aaanay walay hain … let the school children also know that good days will come from Modi Sarkar.

    Jokes apart, the Independence Day Speech by Modi was inspiring …. Let us hope that he inspires the school children also

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