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Lack of adequate facility results in more vacant Engineering Seats in Maharashtra

The unexpected decrease in the number of engineering aspirants applying for JEE (Main) 2015 has shocked the vast majority of academicians. Rightly so, after all, JEE (Main) also serves as the first entry point to the IITs, apart from serving as the qualifying exam for several other engineering colleges in the state as well as at a pan national level.

However, according to data available in the public domain, there is sharp decline in candidates applying for the most challenging and prestigious engineering entrance exam in the state. This trend is particularly visible in Maharashtra.

Apparently, this year, more than 40 per cent of the total engineering seats in state remained vacant. The total number of seats admitted in various engineering programs across the state has come down to 89,000 as compared to 2013’s 102,000.

Many experts are of the opinion that the primary reason behind this is the fact there are, in fact, too many engineering institutes these days that collectively churn out thousands of engineering graduates each year, making them redundant. Most of these engineering colleges are more concerned about filling up their seats rather than offering their students a better career prospect.

“There are too many unemployed engineering students in the state. Many opt for odd jobs or pursue a B-school degree to get good placement,” said G D Yadav, vice-chancellor of Institute of Chemical Technology. “But now things are changing and students have become wiser in choosing colleges. They do not opt for colleges with poor infrastructure and faculty.”

However, Dayanand Meshram, member of the directorate of technical education said the government is now planning to critically evaluate engineering all engineering colleges. “We are inviting members from the industry in this committee. We are deciding parameters to evaluate these colleges,” he said adding that students will have quality option at their disposal (career-wise) only when colleges start offering quality education.

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