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Kerala CBSE schools want previous Class X CBSE exam back

Dissatisfied by the changes implemented in CBSE’s Class X board exam by the previous government, the Kerala CBSE School Management Association is planning to file a memorandum to the Ministry of Human Resource Development seeking re-introduction of the previous exam mode.

Indira Rajan, General Secretary, Kerala CBSE School Management Association, stated that they are planning to launch a massive signature campaign that is likely to include participation of all the CBSE affiliated schools in Kerala. As of now, the state has a total of 1300 CBSE schools.

According to reports, Vineet Joshi, Chairman of CBSE, has already been informed about the move.

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CBSE to re-train teachers on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

 “The existing Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system is impressive. There are a lot of schemes that focus on inculcating patriotism among students, and on evaluating them continuously. However, the way the system is implemented in the CBSE schools has not been fully successful. A lot of dilution has taken place over the years, which has resulted in the CBSE Board losing its credibility,” Indira Rajan said.

The move by the Association has prompted mixed responses from students and parents. While some share the sentiments raised by the schools, other do not.

“With such an option open, students are not aware of the importance of these exams. Also, there is a general attitude of callousness among parents and teachers. Hence, it is always better to stick to just one common exam conducted by the CBSE Board,” said experts in the field, the Indian Express reports.

“In the current system, the students need to prepare only portion by portion. Once the First Formative Assessment (FA1) is over, they are given the choice to completely forget the first portion. In the long run, this affects a student’s in-depth knowledge in a particular subject,” added the experts.

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