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JNU Academic Council approves computer-based entrance exams




JNU to Now Have CBT for all Courses, Approves Academic Council


Jawaharlal Nehru University Academic Council has approved making the entrance exams to JNU completely computer-based.
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This was the first academic council meeting where the members of the JNU Students’ Union were not present since they were not invited due to an ongoing inquiry against them for an alleged act of indiscipline in the last Academic Council (AC) meeting.


The AC also made it mandatory for all teachers to show the corrected answer scripts of all exams (sessional, mid-semester, end semester) to the students before finalising the grades. This will help in making sure that all student evaluations in JNU are fair.


AC meeting through its resolution has made attendance mandatory for the teaching community as well. JNU faculty need to give attendance at least once in a day.


Many members pointed out during an hour-long discussion on this issue that the admission process in JNU will now be fairer, efficient, secure and bias-free.


A member of JNU Teachers’ Association said that some of the teachers opposed the move saying that the online entrance exams will not be a feasible option for courses under the School of Social Sciences or for Humanities courses. The teachers were opposed to online entrance exam system since they had apprehensions about many of the students not being well-versed with computer.


The AC also approved the introduction of a two-year MSc degree programme in Mathematics in the School of Physical Sciences.
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