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JEE Main 2019 Merit List will be based on Percentile Scores



NTA New Marking and Ranking System for JEE Main 2019

JEE Main 2019 Merit List – National Testing Agency (NTA) announced new marking and ranking system for JEE Main 2019. The merit list for admission to IITs and other engineering colleges through Joint Entrance Examination-Main (JEE-Main) will be based on percentile scores and not based on marks candidates scored in the test
A Senior HRD Ministry official has given statement to the Times of India that the normalisation procedure based on percentile score will be used to arrive at the NTA score has been based on the format in practice for the undergraduate-MBBS test conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi. The official also added that “A core group of experts from IITs (Roorkee, Kanpur, Delhi, Guwahati), IIM-Lucknow, NITs, UGC, IASRI (Pusa) and AIIMS, Delhi, among others have been asked to finalise the process for calculating the NTA score.”
JEE Main 2019 is scheduled to take place in January and April 2019. A JEE-Main aspirant will have a choice of taking the test twice, January cycle and April cycle.

JEE Main 2019 New Marking and Ranking System

  • As JEE Main 2019 will be conducted in multiple sessions, each session will have its own NTA percentile score with the highest scorer or scorers as 100 percentile.
  • The agency will prepare a master NTA score so that all the sessions of JEE Main 2019 exam will be put together for a final ranking.
  • The score of the top-ranked candidate as per final ranking will be 100 percentile.
  • The tie-breaker between the candidates who score 100 percentile will be the highest percentile in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics in that order.
  • If there is a tie even after the above step, the older person will be ranked higher in JEE Main 2019.
  • NTA will apply the similar procedure to JEE Main 2 examination that is scheduled to take place in April 2019.
  • NTA will announce the final merit list only after the announcement of JEE Main April 2019 results.
  • Candidates who appear for both JEE Main January 2019 and JEE Main April 2019 exam must note that the better percentile will count in the JEE Main 2019 final merit list.

NTA official explained the format saying that, “Candidates will get different sets of questions per session and though efforts will be made to maintain equivalence among various question papers, the difficulty level of question papers in different sessions may not exactly be same.” Therefore, the prospects of cheating and manipulation are comparatively lesser now. Some exams could be tougher than others, which mean that students attempting those exams could face a tougher set of questions and consequently score lower raw marks. The percentile system could potentially be used to help bridge the gap between scores obtained for different JEE exam difficulties
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