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JEE Apex Board meeting on JEE Advanced 2016

JEE Advanced 2016

JEE Apex Board Meeting at IIT Guwahati for JEE Advanced 2016


JEE Apex Board held a meeting at IIT Guwahati on Sunday Sept. 27, 2015 to discuss the selection process for admission to Engineering courses in IITs through JEE Advanced 2016.

Here are a few issues discussed:

  1. Increase the number of candidates appearing in the IIT-JEE (advanced) examination from 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh from 2016. JAB decided to propose a change in the number of candidates appearing in IIT-JEE (advanced). Approx 10,000 ranks were awarded to fill up seats in the IITs across the country. A member of JAB says “The number of seats available at the IITs has increased considerably as new IITs have also come into existence. But, over the past three years, only 1.5 lakh students could make it to the IIT-JEE (advanced) examination which is conducted by the IITs. We wanted to ensure that more students could take the competitive examination as seats have remained vacant even this year.” reports TOI
  2. Scrap the two-phase IIT entrance examination and reintroduce ONE ENTRANCE EXAM for IIT Selection – JEE Apex Board have also asked the IIT Council to take a call on merging the existing two-tier admission system into one, exclusively for the IIT aspirants. The meeting of the IIT council is scheduled to be held in October following the JAB meeting where both the proposals will be considered and debated. A JAB Member feels that the change to single entrance exam may take place in 2017 and not 2016. It all depends on the final call by the IIT Council
  3. JAB also felt that more counselling rounds could be held if additional ranks are offered. In 2016, eighteen IITs will take students from IIT-JEE advanced examination. Till 2015, three rounds of counselling were done by the IITs. This year, at IIT-Kharagpur, around 30 seats remained empty across all the faculties. Taking into account all the IITs, the number is around 200.

IIT admission became a two-phase affair in 2013 on the insistence of the HRD Ministry.. The Human Resource  Devp. Ministry wanted to bring admissions to all engineering colleges under one roof and decided to hold a common entrance test for NITs and IITs. When IIT-Kanpur threatened to quit the common entrance system and hold its own admission test on its own, MHRD allowed the IITs to hold a second test (IIT-advanced).

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