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JEE Advanced all set to go online from 2016

In a move to take the Joint Engineering Examination (JEE) to a whole new level, the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) are working out on a plan to take JEE Advanced 2016 -17 online.

At a meeting of the Joint Admission Board of IITs held on August 23, 2014, the concerned institutes have agreed to make JEE Advance completely online from 2016.

Nearly 1.5 lakh students are eligible to appear for JEE Advanced, after they are screened from the JEE Main. It is worth noting that the JEE Main is the entry point for admissions to all the National Institutes of Technology (NITs) and other engineering colleges. The test also decodes eligibility of candidates to sit for the JEE Advanced.

The JEE Main has already gone partly online. Now, it is time for JEE Advanced to take the plunge. The online JEE Advanced will consist of Paper I and Paper II. However, it has to be taken at the same day and at one go.

The IITs are also working out on a process to replace the Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) testing format of JEE Advanced. Instead, the IITs are considering a questioning technique which is objective, but drives a student to attempt the whole problem solving exercise and arrive at a certain answer. The written answer will then be read and finally assessed using sophisticated Optical Character Readers (OCRs).

The main objective behind the shift in format is to compel a student to come up with an original answer derived through problem solving. The IITs feel that the existing multiple choice questioning style is helping students to score more marks just by simply applying guess work.

The IITs are also attempting to bring in multiple vendors to conduct the JEE Advanced online. Last week, the IITs have also come up with a formula to conduct an online joint counselling of students for admission in the IITs and NITs.

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