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ISRO – Indian Space Agency Manned Mission Will Create 15,000 Jobs



ISRO Space Mission – Indian astronauts in space by 2022

ISRO Manned Mission – Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman K Sivan said on Wednesday that the mission to send an Indian into space for the first time will create 15,000 jobs. The space agency’s plan entails sending an Indian astronaut 350-400 Kilometers into space for about a week to carry out experiments.
The ISRO will be working with the Institute of Aerospace Medicine in Bengaluru for training the crew and the Indian Air Force, which will select the crew, as well as with the private sector, which will be involved in research and development, Mr Sivan added.
ISRO is yet to finalise the exact timeline of tests before a manned mission can take off, as it plans to have two unmanned test flights onboard a Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) Mk 3
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in the Independence Day speech, announced “when India completes 75 years of Independence, or before that, a son or daughter of India will go to space with a tricolor in their hands”.
Mr Sivan said he was surprised by the Prime Minister’s announcement, but the agency had been preparing for a mission of this kind since 2004. He expressed confidence that the agency will complete the mission before 2022.
For the mission, the space agency wants to collaborate with scientific institutions, academia, industry and start-ups. “The human spaceflight will be a national project and not just ISRO’s, as we will be collaborating with several institutions, academia and the industry,” Mr Sivan said.
The US, Russia and China are the only three nations to have launched manned space flights.
The ambitious human space mission is expected to cost about Rs 10,000 crore, in addition to the already spent Rs 300-crore in developing the technologies for the mission, like the crew module.
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