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CBSE cross-checking marks given by schools in internal exams

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has started one of its toughest and most crucial annual exercise – collection of evidence of assessment (EA).

Internal marks verifications given by schools start: CBSE.  EA is aimed at ensuring that the evaluation process of internal exams in all CBSE affiliated school is fair and flawless. This is especially important for the Std IX and X because the overall evaluation procedure of both these classes are covered under the board’s own Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) Scheme.

It is nice to know that CBSE is  cross-checking marks given by schools in internal exams

However, from the current academic session onwards, CBSE will be collecting EA for formative assessments only.

“Effective assessment of students is the key to the success of any education system. With the introduction of series of education reforms the CBSE is deeply committed to ensure fair and effective assessment of its students which is also feasible, practical and stress-free leading to their wholesome personality development,” said Sadahna Parashar, director of CBSE, the Times of India reports.

As per the guidelines of CCE, the overall assessment of students are carried in two distinct ways – summative (theory paper) and formative (via practical assignments etc.). The formative assessment involves CBSE collecting EA on English, Hindi, Maths, Social Science and Science.

For smooth conducting of formative assessment, schools need to send all relevant details with regard to all the tasks in the subjects as instructed by the regional office. This includes the splitting/break up of marks and assessment parameters.

In case the EA can not be sent (for example, with group discussions, seminars, charts, models and so on), the onus comes on the teachers who then requires writing a brief write up on the assignment alongside the marks awarded to individual students.

All schools have been asked by the board to send their EAs to the respective regional offices by Nov 15, 2013.

Affirming the importance of collecting EAs, Parashar stated, “the objective is to assess the practices of school based assessment. The subject evaluators would submit their report on these EAs vis-a-vis award of marks. Their report will help in verifying the school-based assessments as well as provide feedback to the board about implementation of CCE scheme at grass roots level. The CBSE will also inform schools on how the assessment can be made more effective”.

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4 Responses to “CBSE cross-checking marks given by schools in internal exams”

  1. Massey says:

    Nice action by CBSE – It has been see that in some schools teachers are partial towards some students and favor the students.

    There are other cases, where the private school authorities (in principle) give higher Grades to Students for proving that their results are better than others .

  2. Anurag Chopra says:

    Yes… It was shocking to read the news in TOI that “Almost 9% of the 5,000 randomly selected schools were found to have inflated grades of its students “to a great extent” in the summative assessment conducted just before Diwali vacations last year. The board also found various anomalies in the way schools were conducting theory and practical tests under its ambitious Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) scheme.”

    I congratulate CBSE for taking right action in this regard

  3. Gajendra Rawat says:

    This is good because student suffer,s as it had been with my son he scored in math 01,phy-02 and chemistr-01 it was the final score we do not know eve practical marks not been added,this was shocking.

  4. Rupesh says:

    Please arrange to provide a confidential e-mail id, to which
    I may send my grivences.