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IIT professors to take virtual classes in 100 engineering colleges

Education in the country is taking another crucial step towards embracing virtual technology. According to reports, students from 100 engineering colleges across India will be receiving virtual classes from IIT professors.

IIT professors to take virtual classes in 100 engineering colleges. However, a senior official of Human Resource and Development (HRD) Ministry also stated that the move to embrace virtualization won’t be confined to just engineering programs, but will be extended to several other disciplined.

Apparently, the virtual lectures will be first recorded and then put on a QEEE portal which is currently under development. Following this, the lectures will be broadcasted for students of different engineering colleges.

If the proposed move is implemented as intended, IIT Professors will join the regular faculty of the college and teach as many as nine different subjects including Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Engineering, and others.

A special lesson on ‘Wireless Connection’ will be delivered on Monday morning at 8 am by Prof. A Jagannathan of IIT Kanpur. The next one hour will see Linear Algebra being taught by IIT Bombay Professor Neela Natraj.

Similarly, ‘Heat Transfer’ (Mechanical Engineering) will be taught by Prof C Balaji of IIT Madras which will soon be followed by ‘Engineering Fluid Dynamics’ from 11 am to 12 noon by Prof B S Murthy.

The last virtual lecture for the day will be delivered by IIT Delhi’s Prof Saurabh Bansal on Operating Systems.

The decision to introduce these virtual classes have been welcomed by students and faculties alike. A number of institutes, including the Don Bosco College of Engineering and Technology (DBCET) at Azara in Assam, Sagar Institute of Research and Technology in Madhya Pradesh and many others will be introducing virtual classes from January 2014.

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One Response to “IIT professors to take virtual classes in 100 engineering colleges”

  1. Visinnk says:

    I think it is a good move as not many good teachers are THERE TODAY. The quality of Teachers/Instructors in many Engineering Colleges is a big question Mark ???