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IIT Kharagpur makes history as more than 1000 students get jobs

IIT Kharagpur creates history after more than one thousand of its students bagged cushy job offers during the first phase of campus placements, officials announced yesterday.

More than one thousand students of IIT Kharagpur bagged cushy job offers during the first phase of the annual campus placement, thus helping the prestigious technology institute emerge as the first ever IIT to accomplish that achievement.

The phase-1 of the placement program that ended in December, witnessed 1,010 students securing jobs with companies from around the world, across a multitude of sectors.

Apart from corporate giants such as, Google, Microsoft, Shell, Oracle, Goldman Sachs, ITC, Schlumberger, Deutsche Bank, Abbott, EXL and Credit Suisse, a number of startups like Housing.com and Flipkart also participated in the placement round.

A large number of these companies did not hesitate to made offers in dual figures.

According to reports, the highest pay-package offered was from an undisclosed US-based company that recruited a candidate for an annual salary of INR 77 lakh ($1.25 lakh). The highest package offered by an Indian company stood at INR 37 Lakh.

Two of the newly introduced dual programs including Financial Engineering and Engineering Entrepreneurship, emerged as the most popular destinations amongst the participating companies with 85 per cent students from those disciplines being placed.

“The programs not only demonstrated acceptability by the industries, but projected the vision of IIT-Kgp for launching novel initiatives,” Prof Sudhir Kumar Barai, in-charge of training and placement, of the institute, stated; India Today reports.

Barai also pointed out that as many as 79 students had already accepted pre-placement offers.

IIT Kharagpur was not-so-closely followed by IIT mumbai that managed to bag 900 offers. IIT Delhi and IIT Kanpur came at 3rd and 4th with 750 and 700 offers respectively.

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