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IIT-JEE Merit List : Changing Trend in 2015


It seems that the trend for getting into the elite IITs and joining the right coaching institute has changed this year. The results show that 7 out of every 10 students short-listed for the IITs come from three of the country’s school boards. Near about 124,741 candidates registered this year, 117,238 appeared and 26,456 qualified. As per the figures given on the number of qualified candidates from different Class 12 Boards, the top five were 15,311 (CBSE), 2,155 (Andhra Pradesh), 1,787 (Maharashtra), 1,610 (Rajasthan) and 1,047 (CISCE).

Highlights of JEE Advanced results:-

  • CBSE has once again appeared as the top board in the country pertaining to getting admission into the IITs. Nearly 58% of the candidates who qualified for the JEE (Advanced) have passed their Class 12 exam from CBSE board.
  • CBSE board top sender to IITs; Andhra Pradesh 1st, Maharashtra in 2nd & 3rd spots
  • 77 per cent who qualified belong to CBSE (57.87 per cent), Andhra Pradesh (8.14 per cent) and Maharashtra (6.75 per cent) boards.
  • 81 per cent who qualified JEE Advanced 2015 come from just five boards, the remaining two being Rajasthan (6.08 per cent) and CISCE (3.95 per cent).
  • Out of the 26,456 candidates set to enter the 16 IITs, 15,311 are from CBSE board, which has managed to keep hold of its position.
  • Students did well from places like Andhra Pradesh or Rajasthan due to premier coaching institutes there.
  • The remaining boards account for 3,993 students (15.09 per cent) of those who could qualify.
  • The Karnataka board with 217 and Kerala board with 106 students, who qualified, are at the bottom ranking.
  • 30 other boards in the country from where a small number of students has qualified.
  • Less than 100 students get into IITs from the boards of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and other northeast states.

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