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IIT draws sharp criticism after refusing to change answer keys

Despite acknowledging the mistakes it made with the answer keys to this year’s Joint Entrance Exam (Advanced), IIT has refused to bring about the necessary changes. As expected, the stand taken by the prestigious institution has drawn sharp criticism from different corners.

“Answer keys remain unchanged and are frozen,” stated the IIT.  It is worth mentioning that the new move by the IIT to allow students send their queries about this year’s JEE (Advanced) answer keys bagged a massive response. Of all the wrong answer keys, several hundred queries involved one question that asked “the largest value of the non-negative integer ‘a’”. Those who successfully solved the question found two values for the integer: zero and two. Since two is the larger integer between the values found, it should have been the correct answer. However, according to the IIT answer key, the correct answer was zero. Overall, there were four wrong answers in the answer keys which collectively amounted to 12 marks.

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According to a Times of India report, one student who approached chairperson of JEE (Advanced), was told that the verdict by IIT would not be changed at any cost. “Due to extremely tight and congested merit-list, each and every mark changes a rank of a candidate significantly,” said the student.

IIT did not provide any explanation on the “imprecise marking scheme for the questions of Section 1″ either. As it turns out, since there were no negative marks for incorrect answers and candidates were technically allowed to darken more than one bubbles, it led to a weird situation wherein a candidate could darken all the bubbles against a question and still get the full marks. Despite the sharp reaction, JEE organizing chairman has not come up with any clarification yet.

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