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IIT-B, IISc paves their way into list of top 100 global varsities

India has improved its performance in the higher education sector if we are to take into account a newly announced international ranking of universities in India, China, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and 17 other emerging economies across the globe.

Prepared by Britain-based Times Higher Education (THE), the list of top varsities has 11 Indian institutions in it as compared to 10 last year. Amongst those were IIT Bombay and the Indian Institute of Science which also happens to be the top performer amongst all Indian institutes that made it to the list.

The top two rank holders are Chinese universities: Peking University and Tsinghua University. China dominated the top-100 chart with as many as 27 universities as compared to 23 in 2013.

Amongst top Indian institutes, IISc was ranked 25th followed by IIT-B at 37th, IIT Roorkee at 38th, Punjab University at 39th and IIT Kharagpur at 43rd.

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IISc was also India’s pole bearer when it came to research with a score of 39.5. Meanwhile, Jawaharlal Nehru University was acknowledged for its teaching (39.4), IIT-Madras in industry (71.7) and Panjab University in citations (84.4).

The rankings were based on 13 unique parameters that include, teaching, knowledge transfer, research, international outlook and more.

“But they have been specially recalibrated to better reflect the character and development priorities of universities in the emerging economies,” says the publisher.

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