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IIPM asked not to publish Ads without Delhi High Court’s approval

Controversial business school IIPM (Indian Institute of Planning and Management) has been asked by the Delhi High Court to refrain from promoting itself via television, print or online ads without its approval. The apex court issued the order after the University Grant Commission (UGC) submitted an affidavit arguing that ads by the IIMP could potentially “mislead innocent students and public at large”.

IIPM Asked Not to Publish Ads Without Delhi High Court’s Approval. The UGC, which happens to be the regulator of higher education in India, submitted the affidavit in response to a PIL (public interest litigation) filed by B. Mahesh Sarma in 2010 in the Delhi High Court. A copy of the court order which was delivered on Dec 2 is now available in public. The UGC which was made a party in the case, had formed a committee to examine the issue. Following its evaluation of the issue, the UGC found that the  “practice of issuing such dubious advertisements by IIPM to attract students deceptively should be stopped forthwith”. “Arvind K. Nigam, senior counsel for IIPM states that IIPM has received the aforesaid order (UGC order) only on 22 November 2013 and it is considering its legal options. He, however, states that in the meantime, without prejudice to its rights and contentions, IIPM shall not print/publish/insert/issue/place any advertisement either in any newspaper, journal or Television or website without the prior approval of this court,” the judgment by the Delhi high court read, LiveMint reports. “The aforesaid statement made by Arvind K. Nigam, senior counsel is accepted by this court and respondent-IIPM is held bound by the same,” added the court order. Calling the ruling by the Delhi High Court a “partial victory”, Sarma said: “I hope the final judgment of the court should bar all such institutions from misleading people,” adding that the judiciary’s intervention is necessary to inflict fear in the minds of those who violate rules, thus sabotaging students’ future. Meanwhile, reacting strongly against UGC’s role in the case, Amit Saxena, president, corporate affairs at IIPM, said: “It further strengthens our belief that UGC is a third graded corrupt body which fraudulently called IIPM ‘fake’ University, which was challenged by IIPM, and Hon’ble High Court of Delhi passed an order asking UGC to remove IIPM’s name from their list. There upon UGC shamelessly passed a stupid and vague order stating that IIPM’s ads had the “possibility of misleading students”.

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