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HRD Ministry soon to stream IIT lectures via DTH channels


IITWith fast emerging digitalisation in India, The Human Resource Ministry (HRD) plans to come up with new project of telecasting  IIT Lectures through DTH channels. The project is planned under the new teaching methods and to help students who have missed out on any lectures. The lectures will be streamed live on television sets by August this year.

The project has been finalised after a high-level committee chaired by director, IIT Gandhinagar to focus on using space technology to expand the reach of high quality education. The live classrooms will be transmitted through the 32 DTH channels from ten ‘Teaching Ends’ out of which six will be IITs located in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kharagpur, Kanpur and Guwahati.

The live telecast of IIT Lectures will be applicable for students of six Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) and some other top institutes of India. Also, the department of space will be allotting two transponders on a GSAT series satellite. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) has been signed with many colleges/universities which will provide lessons and content for the channel The channels on which lectures will be telecasted will be freely available on Doordarshan’s FreeDish DTH platform and students of over 12 other top institutes will receive lectures on the television sets but the ministry has not finalised the names of colleges till now.


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