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HRD Ministry develops an aptitude test for school students

The Union HRD Ministry is developing an aptitude test that will help school students to assess their areas of interest in Class 10, and thereafter help in choosing their career.

According to sources, a team comprising of experts from the CBSE, NCERT and several psychometric experts has been formed to develop a “prototype” of this proposed aptitude test for school students.

All these experts are working under the HRD ministry to create a prototype of the psychometric test for Class 9 exam. This voluntary test is proposed to be carried out in a few areas and based on the feedback the ministry; it would be expanded after taking views of the state governments.

Officials said the proposal is being discussed and the aptitude test will be optional in nature. This will act as an additional tool available for students to help them make the right choice.

A pilot project on the proposed test will start in May this year.

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