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HC Reserves Order for Plea on allocation of seats in IITs and NITs

The Delhi High Court on Thursday reserved its verdict Order for Plea that seeks direction to IITs and NITs to abide by Center’s guidelines about preparing a common database for admission so no seat remains vacant in the event a student takes admission in two different engineering colleges (and subsequently has to vacant one).

The plea came in the form of a PIL filed by Rajeev Kumar through lawyer Prashant Bhushan. It has been argued in the PIL that the IITs have been resisting the guidelines to prepare a common database for students who clear both IIT and NIT entrance examinations.

According to the Central government, the common database will enable engineering colleges administered by IITs and NITs to fill up their respective vacant seats in case a student clears both the exams; takes admission in two colleges; and then vacates one seat.

“Suppose, a student takes up admission in an IIT in Chemical Engineering and later, takes admission in Computer Science stream in a NIT-run college. The common database will alert the IIT/NIT about the dual admissions and one of the subsequent admissions will get canceled automatically,” Bhushan said.

He added by saying that the move will ensure that waste of “scarcenational resources is prevented by allocating vacated seats to other deserving candidates. IITs however, oppose the move by saying that it could eventually open the “Pandora’s box”. They argue that a common database is not feasible anyway because they will be able to determine whether or not a student vacated his or her seat only in mid-September (based on students’ attendance in class).

The direction to prepare the said common list came from the Union Human Resource Development Ministry in 2013 to prevent wastage of seats resulting from dual admission taken by some students.

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