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Group discussion is no more a part of admission to IIM Lucknow also .

Friend Joining Group Showing Union And Togetherness

IIM-Lucknow has decided to eliminate the Group Discussion (GD) round from its admission procedure for the academic year 2016-18. Common admission test (CAT) is a gateway to IIMs.

In 2008, IIM-Ahmedabad broke away from tradition and replaced GD with short essays. In 2010, IIM-Bangalore replaced GD with essay-writing. In 2011, six IIMs- Rohtak, Raipur, Tiruchirapalli, Ranchi, Kashipur and Udaipur, replaced it with a written test was said by Times of India.
Chairman, admission, Ashutosh Sinha, said, “It was felt that the faculty needs to be given more time during the interview for better assessment of the candidate. The time spent in group discussion will now be more fruitfully utilized during the interview.”

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According to the IIM-L policy, the personal interview will account for 40 points and the written ability test will carry 10 points. Last year, 30 points were allotted for personal interview, and 10 each for written ability test and group discussion.

Group discussion or GD is a process wherein the participants exchange their opinions and ideas on any given topic(s). This process is often used for the selection of deserving candidates for admission into management programs in universities and B-Schools through CAT. A typical group discussion usually includes a small group of candidates. The number and size of such groups usually depend upon the total number of candidates. A few candidates are not able to express and do not get a chance to speak.

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