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Govt issues new MBBS admission rules to ensure fair play

The hope of private colleges to conduct their own independent Common Entrance Test (CET) for filling up management quota seats seems to have dashed away. The government of Andhra Pradesh has now come up with new MBBS admission rules and guidelines for admissions to ensure transparency and fair play in the entire process.

The new move has made it mandatory for private medical colleges to send the names of shortlisted candidates for admissions in the management quota to Dr. N.T.R. University of Health Sciences (NTRUHS) for final approval. The private colleges will also be required to prepare a merit list to ensure that candidates with deep pockets do not block the entire medical seats.

The merit list will be prepared giving 85 per cent weightage to a candidate’s performance in the qualifying examination. However, the interview round will only carry a weightage of 15 per cent. It is believed that the main objective behind the new system is to ensure proper assessment of the candidate’s intent as well as aptitude towards the medical course. The merit list will then go for approval to Dr. NTRUHS.

In fact, the government has also made its stand clear on the matter of displaying no favoritism on the part of private medical colleges while issuing admission forms. The colleges have to issue an application form to anybody who has applied, along with a receipt of the form received. Also, the private colleges have to form a selection committee to conduct the interviews of the candidates. The committee will consist of a chairman (Dean, Principal or College Director), senior faculty and a member from the management committee of the college.

The government has also made it mandatory for the college management to display the merit list in the college notice board before sending it for approval to Dr. NTRUHS. The approved waiting list of the candidates too has to be put up for display.

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