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Government will analyse JEE 2013 results for next year

MM-Pallam-RajuGovernment will analyse JEE 2013 results for next year: HRD Minister

HRD minister Pallam Raju said, we will make a detailed analysis of the JEE 2013 results to see whether the goals for which the format was changed have been met.

The government will certainly do an analysis whether more children from rural areas had benefited due to the weightage given to the school grades, whether more girls have been able to get admission or whether coached students have retained their edge.

Further Raju said, only after that we can arrive at a conclusion whether a change is required next year or not. Admitting that 79 students had been denied admission to IITs because of ‘confusion’ in the cut-offs, he said, “I would have been equally concerned if it had affected just one student. But the matter is now in the court.”

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2 Responses to “Government will analyse JEE 2013 results for next year”

  1. Suresh says:

    We should not kill or discourage urban merit in order to bring up rural students or girls in premier students. Blue oceans should be explored to promote every section/class.

  2. anu giani says:

    what is the purpose therefore —- to harm 2013 batch of non-medical students. why these students have been made culprits form no fault of theirs. why Mr.Kapil Sibal’s policies were not analysed properly. As of now Mr. Pallam Raju says tht he will analyse this year’s result the next year—–WHY?