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Government to revise pattern of civil services examination

The government has expressed its willingness to make some changes to the civil services examination that were introduced some three years ago. It had promised the Parliament that it would prevent any bias against a language in the exam.

Jitendra Singh, Minister, Prime Minister office told the Lok Sabha “The government is fully aware of the issue and is taking a sympathetic view of the same, there will be no bias allowed on the basis of language”.

However the minister’s statement has raised concerns among the students as it will surely lead to a delay of the civil services preliminary examinations scheduled for August 24. The need of a new notification will also arise if any changes are introduced in the pattern of the examination.

A Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) official recently declared that any delay in the schedule of the examination will subsequently lead to a delay in the recruitment process of the office. The government’s decision has already led to a string of protest by aspirants from the Hindi belt in the last few weeks.

It is worth noting that, a set of reforms is the center of controversy in the preliminary screening test of civil services examination in 2011. In the original pattern, the candidates had to appear in a general studies paper and were free to choose one of the 23 subjects for the objective type screening exam.

But since 2011, the candidates were required to take the general studies paper, but instead of the second subject appear, had to opt for an aptitude test. The new paper included concepts such as comprehension, data interpretation, logical reasoning, analytical ability and English language comprehension skills. But according to many, the new changes were similar to the management entrance tests that are more in favor of the English speaking urban candidates.

However, the new government has shown concerns for the plight of candidates, belonging to modest backgrounds

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