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Goa Govt criticized for postponing PG medical admissions

The Goa state government has been a subject of stiff criticism from various corners after it decided to postpone the common entrance examination for PG medical admission. The widespread view amongst students and even some government officials is that the government’s decision to stick to the aggregate marks in MBBS for PG admission was politically motivated.

It all began when 500 MBBS students across the state signed a letter sent to the serving health minister Laxmikant Parsekar. In the letter, the students unanimously demanded a common entrance examination for PG medical admission as they feared the existing aggregate-MBBS-marks system was vulnerable to manipulation.

The health minister seemed ready to agree to the demand. He even publicly voiced his opinion supporting the students demanding this change and promised that necessary amendments would be made to bring forth a new common entrance examination.

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“I completely sympathize and agree with the students’ opinion that a common entrance test on the lines of the Goa Common Entrance Test for admissions to degree seats will be the best procedure to be followed for admissions to PG seats. A uniform admission process is necessary. But it will have to be introduced from 2015-16 as the process for admission has already begun this year and it would be too late to begin the common entrance test,” Parsekar said.

However, the government soon took a U-turn after the efforts to introduce the common entrance exam was vetoed by two interns – Dr Neha Sukthankar and Dr Aarti D Dhume. So, effectively it was 500 against two and the former lost. This U-turn, according to many, was aimed to provide unethical leverage to some influential PG medical aspirants.

“There are certain influential PG aspirants who think their entry would be guaranteed if admission is based on aggregate MBBS marks rather than if admission is through a competitive entrance test,” the Times of India quoted an unnamed government official as saying.

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