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Goa Board announces tentative dates for Class XII and X exams

The Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education have come out with the tentative dates for Class X and XII public exams for 2015. The Class XII theory papers are most probably to commence by March 02, 2015 whereas the exams for Class X are expected to start by March 31, 2015.

The 2014 examinations for Class XII had also begun on the same date whereas the Class X papers had begun three days earlier. The Goa Board has been known to be working on idea of making Goa’s public exam schedule at parity with that of the national boards.

Before this, Goa’s public exams were lagging quite behind on the schedule and were held from mid-March to early April until 2011. It was due to the uproar of the parents that the Board made a conscious decision to mat h up to the schedule of the national boards. The parents believed that due to the late schedule the Goan students were put at a disadvantage and had less time to get a head start on the preparation on the competitive entrance exams held for seats in national institutes.

This routine was changed in 2014 and the schedule for the class X and XII examinations was altered.

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