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Four year UG courses out but DU UGC stalemate continues


Standing tall and strong, Delhi University on Saturday refused to scrap the four year UG programme (FYUP) which is going against of what the University Grants Commission  had been asking for.

Smriti Irani, HRD Minister had passed the order to scrap the FYUP, a decision which was opposed by the students, teachers, BJP and the Left. Following which UGC had directed the colleges to put an end to the FYUP and start admitting students only to the three year programme. It was also asked to finish all the existing four year degrees in the three year designated time.

This unprecedented order has left more than 60 colleges and VCs to follow the decision and the UGC has issued a strict action in case there is any violation of the decree. There could be de-recognition of the degree of the university could stand to lose its grants in case of non-adherence.

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The order clearly says, “Implementation of the four-year undergraduate programme was not in accordance with the 10+2+3 system of education enshrined in the National Policy on Education (NPE), 1986. Moreover, the system was to create problem for students migrating to other universities. ”

Dealing with the problem in hand, Delhi University, after conducting a meeting with its academic council has decided to admit fresh applicants to only the three year bachelor’s programme but it will be continuing with the students already enrolled for the four year programmes.

Although there is nothing new in the so-called revised proposal as only honors student have to spend four years to get the degree.

UGC has issued its orders under a law that along with financial powers allows it to oversee compliance of its orders and academic interests of students, pre-empting DU argument of being an autonomous body. Also, it may be noted that the University gets most of its funds from UGC.

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