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Four IIT Kanpur students turn down Rs 1 Crore job offer

It’s not every day when we get to hear about people turning down a eight-figure salary offer, but that’s precisely what happened during this year’s campus placement in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur.

New reports have suggested that as many as four students from the institute were offered an annual package of over INR 1 crore by a multinational giant. While two of the students – one male and one female, rejected the offer citing their reluctance to compromise with professional fulfillment, the other two –both male, preferred higher studies over the lucrative offer.

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Incidentally, the students who opted for professional fulfillment rather than a eight-figure annual salary settled for a package of INR 50 lack per annum by a smaller company.

“The offer to these four students was for a take home of $150,000, or close to Rs 93 lakh per annum. Along with other incentives and perks, the size of the package was more than Rs 1 crore yearly,” said chairman of the IIT-Kanpur placement cell, Prof Deepu Philip.

“The girl student and one of the boys declined the offer saying it did not match their temperament and that they wanted professional fulfilment from their jobs. The two have accepted offers of Rs 50 lakh per annum from a smaller company.”

“The remaining two students said they want to focus on higher studies and were, therefore, not keen on taking up the Rs 1 crore offer,” added Philip. The names of the students were not divulged by IIT Kanpur administration.

In a related news, an IIT Kharagpur student was also offered a similar lucrative offer of INR 1.5 crore by an identified company earlier this week. The identity of the student, who seem to have accepted the offer, was not revealed by the authorities citing that the disclosure will attract unwarranted attention to the student.

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