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English Comprehension not to be used as evaluation tool for CSAT

The government announced on Monday that the evaluation of candidates appearing in CSAT, the preliminary leg of the civil services examination, won’t include their performance in English comprehension test.

Addressing the Parliament, Jitendra Singh, the minister of state for personnel, stated that English “should not be included for graduation or merit”. This essentially means that the English section of the exam can now be left alone by civil servant aspirants without worrying for any consequences.

The government also declared that those who attempted the exam in 2011 but failed will be awarded another chance in 2015. However, UPSC is yet to wave the green flag at this new move by the government.

Just a few days back, UPSC had informed the government that it was against any change in the exam pattern because doing so may eventually invite vexatious legislation. The government seems to be in a no-compromise mood though, especially considering how it had previously overruled a committee that asked for a status quo on the exam pattern.

“Our government had to keep in mind the interest of the students. Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a considered view on the subject. We feel that the compulsory English examination has no utility or purpose,” a top government official told the Economic Times.

Students protesting against the government on the issue do not seem happy with the government’s announcement though. We are not satisfied with the Minister’s statement regarding CSAT. We demand complete scrapping of CSAT. We never asked the BJP-led government to modify CSAT pattern. Instead, our demand is to abolish this test for the welfare of lakhs of students who had studied in Hindi medium,” Pawan, an UPSC aspirant said.

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