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Engineering Colleges Common Entrance Test from 2018 likely



Common Entrance Exam for Engineering Colleges!  NEET Impact will Influence Decision!

To be or not to be is the question –


Last year there were indications that the Government will conduct a common entrance exam for Engineering Admissions , Read news

One single JEE Main for all Engineering Colleges Admission in India


On Feb 11, 2017 there was a news that “Single Engineering Entrance Exam from 2018


On April 29, there was another news saying Centre puts Common Engineering Entrance Test on hold 


And now here is what the newspapers say


The Centre is reconsidering to conduct a Common Entrance Test for admissions engineering colleges across the country from 2018. A final decision rests on the assessment on the impact of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) held on the 7th May, 2017.


Maharashtra and Tamilnadu have expressed their own reservations and proposed to have CET for their own States.


According to officials the idea behind the single a Common Entrance Test for all engineering colleges and private institutions was to check the practice of colleges charging capitation fee and to bring in a more effective merit based system.
For any query, candidates are requested to check the official website .

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