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DTE’s composite score formula in favor of state board candidates

Engineering aspirants planning to study in a top college in Maharashtra now have to make sure that they complete their two years of junior college through the state board. Over 8,000 students, passing from CBSE and ICSE boards missed out on admission as they were ranked much lower than their state board counterparts thanks to the composite score formula – albeit they had scored similar marks in the exams.

The shocking final list was declared on Thursday and has resulted in considerable discontent among the engineering aspirants. The confusion regarding the results is mainly attributed to the Director of Technical Education’s (DTE’s) use of the composite score formula, derived from the percentile of JEE(score) and the class 12 marks(physics, chemistry and mathematics), giving equal weightage to both. The DTE is responsible for supervising admissions to professional institutes in the state.

The percentile determines the relative position of a candidate among those who took the test. Although the number of ICSE and CBSE candidates is less than the HSC, but the number of high scorers is high among them.

SK Mahajan, Director, Technical Education said “We have tried to do justice to all candidates through the percentile system, normalizing the marks across the boards”.

He also confirmed that there were only eight complaints regarding the matter from among 4,700 CBSE candidates and nearly 3,500 ICSE candidates, seeking admission to the engineering institutes in the state. Rejecting the allegation of undue advantage, Mahajan stated that the formula was set by the state board and CBSE is being using a similar weightage method for JEE (Main) since last year. Even the government of Gujarat is following the same trend.

Candidates who were denied admissions are now doing the rounds of private colleges, hoping to grab a seat through the management/minority quota.

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  1. Ritesh says:

    Good. Now state board got the weightage it deserves. This will definitely help state board students

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