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Download NCERT books for free on ‘e-paathshala’

NCERT Textbooks are available online for free at the Union HRD ministry’s initiative “e-paathshala”. Those students, who are finding it difficult to procure NCERT textbooks, can download NCERT books for free on ‘e-paathshala’.

NCERT has also given copyrights to over 8 state governments to print books as they deem fit to fulfill the requirements of their students. The NCERT textbooks from Class I to 12 are also available on web-based platform e-paathshala for free.

The HRD Ministry, in conjunction with CBSE in July 2015, had given a circular which states very clearly that forcing parents and children to buy too many textbooks is not only unhealthy but unsound practice.

Click on the link given below for more details:

Read or Download NCERT books free (Class 1 to 12)

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