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Doctors Body oppose relaxation in MBBS admission criteria

The Doctors Federation of India (DOCSFED) has reached out to the Medical Council of India and Dr. Harsh Vardhan, the Union Health Minister, asking them not to entertain Punjab’s request for relaxing the MBBS admission criteria .

According to them, it’s not wise to lower the standards merely for the sake of filling seats in the NRI and other quotas. The principal argument here is that such undue relaxation will do more harm than good by compromising with the quality of medical education in the state.

DOCSFED further asked for all vacant MBBS seats under different quotas in the Baba Farid University of Health to be allotted to eligible candidates from the General category so as to ensure that they do not miss any more time in the ongoing academic calendar.

DOCSFED further argued that there was already a provision for this, and also that neither was there any dearth of eligible candidates because a lot of students had already scored the minimum qualifying score in the AIPMT but could not be allotted seats (because of the reservation system).

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2 Responses to “Doctors Body oppose relaxation in MBBS admission criteria”

  1. Mathai says:

    In AIPMT also, once after declaring result they take almost one month to start the counceling proces by MCC.They make only three online allotments.
    Last year there were 975 seats vecant.Those seats were given back to the respective state Govts.But in july or august state govts medical counceling will be over.I dout how many seats (got back)will be allotted transparently.WHY CAN’T MCC MAKE ONE MORE ALLOTMENT?? OR MAKE ARRANGEMENT FOR SPOT COUNCELING/ALLOTMENT??.SO THAT ALL INDIA QUOTA SEATS ARE GIVEN TO CANDIDATES IN THE ALL INDIA RANK. NOBODY IS THERE TO HIGHLITE THIS WITH THE AUTHORITIES//COURT???


    The situation is so deteriorate that in future a common man will not join this course,due to high corruption,and doctors will be available only from quota candidate or corrupted candidate ?

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