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Disability bar likely to be raised by 40% for medical aspirants by MCI



MCI new rule for minimum degree of Disability – Medical Council of India (MCI) has released a notification on minimum degree of disability. According to the notification, MCI has recommended that the minimum degree of disability should be set at 40 per cent for people with disabilities to obtain the reservation whereas those with visual or hearing impairment or both below the minimum requirements can be eligible for the course, but not reservation.


Ministry of Health has asked for public opinions on this matter and many contend that the guidelines proposed is the violation of the Disability Act by not allowing such students to pursue the career of their choice.


The upper limit of disabilities is 80 percent. As per MCI notification, “Persons with more than 80 percent disability may also be allowed; but after their selection, their functional competency will be determined with the aid.


The proposed change in guidelines by MCI has resulted in confusion among the aspiring candidates about the eligibility for physically handicapped quota.


Taking consciousness of concerns raised by medical aspirants with disabilities, the health ministry has asked the National Testing Agency and MCI to allow such aspirants to fill up the NEET-UG 2019 application form. The last date to submit applications has been extended to December 7, 2018.


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