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Delhi University to start 10 new Distance Education Courses


Delhi University to offer 10 new Courses under Distance Education

Studying at Delhi University is the dream of many students in India. Students can hope for their dream coming true as the university is going to start ten new courses. The Delhi University School of Open Learning (SOL) is expected to open ten new undergraduate courses commencing this year.
The SOL’s governing body of the Delhi University has given a nod to start new UG courses such as B.A. (Hons) History, B.Sc. (Hons) Mathematics and Bachelor of Vocation (HRM).
Here is the list of new courses to be introduced by SOL this year:

  1.  BSc (honours) mathematics
  2.  BA (honours) history
  3.  BA (honours) economics
  4.  BA (honours) Hindi
  5.  BA (honours) psychology
  6.  BA (honours) Sanskrit
  7.  BA (honours) Hindi journalism
  8.  BVoc in human resource management
  9.  BVoc in office management and secretarial practices
  10.  BVoc in marketing management and retail business

Every year, 1.5 lakh students are admitted by the SOL to various undergraduate programmes.  The main reason for the introduction of new courses is the high demand for these courses. Every year thousands of students apply for these courses but only a few get admissions. Delhi University is offering these students a chance to study these courses through distance medium.
However, these courses are yet to be approved by the University administration and Distance Education Board (DEB). In addition, Delhi University is planning to introduce the entrance test and scrap off the cut- off system for admission to undergraduate courses from this year.
For any query, candidates are requested to check the official website .
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