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Delhi University bows down to the three year UG courses

Delhi University has finally paved a way for the Three Year Undergraduate Program, after a long heated controversy with UGC. The tiff has been making headlines for days and resulted in a lot of protests by the students and teachers.

This standoff between DU and UGC had left as many as 60 colleges which had left somewhere around three lakh students marooned. After UGC issued its fresh ultimatum on Wednesday, it was made clear to immediately start the admission process for the undergraduate courses. Based on the directive by the UGC, DU had to issue notifications to the colleges to begin the admission process in the next two days and scrap the four year undergraduate programmes, FYUP.

On the bowing down of Delhi University on the directive of the University Grants Commission, Smriti Irani, the Education Minister said that, “I respect the autonomy of institutions but autonomous institutions were created to serve people. My Appeal is, within the ambit of law, this is the time for statesmanship which will lead to resolution. One shouldn’t sacrifice the interest of our students at the altar of prestige.”

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The university had wanted to continue the FYUP by making certain changes like a three-year system by reducing foundation courses that students had to take in the first two years, and an optional fourth year for research but the UGC said no and asked for a complete rollback of FYUP.

Although many teachers and academicians have marked the decision as irrational and a rash one as the previous pattern gave the students to enter college prepared to choose a specific subject or discipline and it was decision that was their own.

The current pattern of events has left UGC with some 60,000 students to be shifted to the three year system from the four-year programme.

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