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CSAT 2014 will not include English comprehension marks

In one of the most anticipated results, the government on Saturday announced that the marks for the English comprehension skills in the civil services preliminary examinations will not be taken into consideration thus will not be taken into consideration for the purpose of marking  the candidates score.

As per the official release of the UPSC, “The union government has decided that for the civil services (Preliminary) examination, 2014 to be held on August 24, the section on English language comprehension skills will not count for gradation or merit.” As the comprehension will not be evaluated, the candidates have been advised not to answer the questions from the section.

The release also made clear that the duration for the paper II of the examination will remain the same, i.e. is two hours, and so the candidates should utilize this time in answering all the questions except those from the English languages comprehension skills. “The maximum marks for Paper II would be ‘200 minus the marks earmarked for the English language comprehension skills (Class X level)’,” the UPSC said in its press release.

The Union Government had to come to the decision because of the row the Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) pattern had created in the past few weeks. It was also being demanded that the students of the 2011 Civil Services examination be provided an additional attempt as it was 2011 when the pattern had been introduced.

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