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Compulsory registration of school teaching staff for evaluation work – CBSE

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in a notice has announced the mandatory online submission of Data of Principal/VP/PGTs/TGTs for evaluation work of Sec. /Sr. Sec. Exam 2015.

The notice which was addressed to all the Heads of Institutions of CBSE affiliated Schools under the Regional Office, Delhi. In the notice which was issued by PI Sabu, Director (ROD) he emphasized on the importance of the examination system.

The board appoints CNS/HE/Examiners from a pool of data of teachers which is made available by the schools. The board’s regional office, Delhi, has been for the last three years been accepting online data. This facility has been made available by the institutions on the CBSE website, www.cbse.nic.in, and has to be filled with the utmost care.

The schools will be required to fill up the proforma with your existing username and password; which was earlier being used to fill up the details of Class IX/X/XI and XII students. There are some guidelines which the Board has issued for institutions to adhere to while filling up the data online:

  1. The names of teachers who have retired/transferred/left the service should be deleted while the teachers who have recently joined the School must be added in the list.
  2. The subject and code of teaching subjects should be correctly checked and mentioned in the appropriate column.
  3. The experience of teaching Class X and XII should be mentioned separately in the relevant columns and care should be taken that the teaching experience of X/XII should not be shown together.
  4. The residential addresses should be mentioned properly with PIN CODE.
  5. It may be ensured that teachers in r/o all the subjects being taught in the School for which the Candidates are being sponsored by the School for 2015 Exams, are included in the statement. In case name of teacher of any particular subject for which the candidates are sponsored for 2015 Exam. is not submitted, the Board may ask for relevant records for not sponsoring the teachers and necessary actions will be taken as per Affiliation/Examination Bye-laws of the Board.
  6. The Board, for its different remunerative projects like on screen marking, requires subject teachers, having Computer Operating knowledge. Hence, special mention of Computer Operating knowledge of the teacher concerned be made in the appropriate colmn. provided in the proforma of data of teachers.
  7. Details of guest teachers appointed by Directorate of Education and teaching Home Science and Physical Education in class-XII may also be filled-in in the proforma of data of teachers.
  8. The schools are required to furnish data of all the subject teachers in which the school has sponsored the candidates for 2015 exam. In case of non-submission, the candidates of the schools will not be allowed to appear in the examination.
  9. The final list of candidates (LOC) will only be accepted along with data bank of teachers of the school.

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