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CET for all central universities; NDA government’s next agenda


Common Entrance Test

The Union Human Resource & Development (HRD) ministry under Prakash Javadekar is reportedly exploring avenues for introducing a Common Entrance Test (CET) for admission in all central universities.

NDA Government likely to enforce Common Entrance Test for all central universities

The move could be seen as a big step forward to mitigate the issue of unrealistic high cutoffs that’s often seen in several institutions such as the Delhi University (DU). Worth noting, there have been multiple instances in the past when the cutoff in DU for many popular courses like economics, mathematics, and history was 100 per cent.

While most central universities conduct their own entrance tests, the DU still follows a cutoff formula for granting admission to its undergraduate programs. The cutoff formula often comes under criticism because some states (and regional boards) are known to be lenient in giving marks while others are looked at as being too rigid.

“There are complaints about students having an advantage in getting admission through the cutoff system because of lenient marking from state boards … a common test will also do away with students’ travel expenses, as they need not visit different places seeking admission,” a senior HRD official said, as reported by NewsThrive.

The proposed move, if and when implemented, will put all students on an equal footing as it will be based on only one evaluation standard.

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However, not everyone agrees that it is the ideal step to take as its implementation will essentially mean that the students will have to bear with another entrance test after their 12th.

The government has already sent invites to the vice-chancellors of all central universities for a meeting scheduled on October 6 to discuss the steps-to-be-taken.

“A number of issues have been brought to our notice, including the common entrance test. We will draw up the agenda of the meeting soon,” HRD minister Prakash Javadekar said on Wednesday.

In addition to the proposed common entrance exam, some of the other issues that will be on the agenda of the meeting include students’ grievances and staff vacancies.


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