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Common Admission Process for PG Programs in 6 New IIMs announced

The common admission process for postgraduate programs in management (2015-17 batch) in all six new Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) has been announced. Under this common admission procedure, the IIMs at Ranchi, Raipur, Kashipur, Rohtak, Udaipur and Trichy will be conducting a unified Personal Interview (PI) and Written Analysis Test (WAT).

Each individual institute among the six new IIMs is coming up with their own shortlists based on their individual criteria. The combined shortlist will be prepared after duly processing the individual shortlists. IIM Udaipur has been named the coordinating institute for the combined shortlist.

Once the combined shortlist is prepared, candidates who also get a call for interview from the so-called older IIMs (IIMs at Kolkata, Lucknow, Bangalore and Kozhikode) will be set aside. All other candidates will be called for the PI and WAT which will be a part of the common admission procedure in all six new IIMs.

The PI and WAT scores for the candidates set aside from the combined shortlist will be collected from the respective older IIMs where they got their interview calls from. The process of making the combined shortlist will be transparent and can be accessed on the Common Admission website www.iimudaipur.ac.in/6iims_admissions.

Each of the six new IIMs will then take the PI and WAT scores of the shortlisted candidates from IIM Udaipur and then initiate their respective admission processes after duly considering the scores alongside other important criteria such as candidates’ profile scores, CAT scores, and so on.

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