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Class Xth CBSE Maths paper was as per the syllabus – Smriti Irani

Latest CBSE NEWS 2015According to the experts, the  Class Xth CBSE Maths paper was found to be exactly based on the syllabus prescribed by the board. Several reports came to the notice of the government that the paper was tough.

The issue was raised in the Lok Sabha to which the HRD Minister Smriti Irani replied that according to a committee of subject experts the question papers were based on the syllabus and sample question papers prescribed by the Board.

Another issue was raised about the newspaper reports regarding the leakage of Class XII question papers. Ms. Irani said that committee of subject experts had enquired the issue and concluded that there was no leakage of question papers.

Earlier also the CBSE has termed such reports about the Class XII question paper leak as “baseless”. CBSE said that only two questions matched with only one question paper set which is a mere coincidence as both the questions are also from the NCERT textbook.

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