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Class X school exams only for those not changing board

In a recent notification, Vineet Joshi, Chairman, CBSE confirmed that it has become mandatory for all CBSE schools in Kerala to ensure that only those students who are willing to continue with the board in class X are allowed to appear for school exams .

“Our policy is clear that a student should go for school based exam in Class X only if they are not changing the board. Otherwise, they should go for school based examinations and the school should ensure this,” the chairman said.

Recently, several schools have asked their students to opt for school based exams after the CBSE declared that it could not sort out any differences in the results of the school based and board based exams. However, the state government of Kerala’s recent notification to admit only those students who have cleared CBSE’s board based exam in the Class XI state syllabus schools drastically decreased the number of students opting for school based exam.

It is worth noting that nearly 50 per cent CBSE students move to State syllabus schools in Class XI every year. In the year 2013, 35,283 students out of the total of 70,000 odd CBSE students appeared for the board based exam and 742 sat for the school based test. This year, 63,477 of 70,023 students who appeared for class X exams took the board exam and 6,543 opted for the school based test.

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