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Class X Board Exams To Be Made Mandatory Again, Says CBSE


The Central Board of Secondary Education has announced that the system of evaluation through examination will be re-introduced for Class X students across India starting 2018.

The board had made the Class X board exams optional during the implementation of the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system under the 2009 Right to Education Act. The move, CBSE had hoped, would help lighten the burden of writing stressful exams.

As part of CCE, Class X students were required to appear for only six examinations – four of them formative assessments while the other two summative assessments. Although the move bagged mixed responses among parents, students, and teachers, the state board continued with the traditional board exams as usual.



“We will not be able to do it in 2017 as time is short but we will certainly like to go ahead with it from 2018 as it has become important in the context of improving quality. In any case, the state boards are continuing with the board exams,” Rajesh Chaturvedi, chairman of the CBSE, said, Hindustan Times reports.

Chaturvedi also emphasized on the importance of making students write descriptive answers rather than answering only multiple-choice questions.

The CBSE chairman also expressed his views on the recruitment process of teachers. He categorically spoke in favor of introducing a new set of rules for the recruitment of teachers.

“At present, appointments are made as per suitability and convenience. We are working on it, but the need for a uniform mechanism is felt now,” he said in a statement to the HT.



As part of its revamp the standard of school education in the country, the board is also planning to train secondary and higher secondary teachers in a much more focused manner. In order to make that happen, the board will also consult experts like Anand Kuma of the Super-30 fame.



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