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Cheating in Class X Board Exams | Parents pass answer chits in Bihar

Bihar witnessed mass Cheating in Class X Board Exams going on in the Hajipur district. Students appearing for Class X Board exam 2015 were provided study material and answer chits by their parents and friends who were caught on camera.

The camera visuals revealed that parents even climbed the walls of the exam centre to help the students with the answers.

None of the invigilator, security guards even reacted to their actions. Inspection authorities and policemen at the venues have been unable to prevent the open, large-scale cheating.

This large-scale cheating has raised many questions on the administration and state government.

As per the reports, the Bihar Education Minister P K Shahi said, “the government is helpless to stop the dishonest practices unless parents and students cooperate for the same. We could not shoot the people who were helping their wards to cheat in the exam.

Authorities have claimed that, they have debarred around 500 students from taking board exams.

Over 14.26 lakh students are appearing at the Bihar State Class X Board examination 2015. The examination will conclude on March 24, 2015.

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