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CBSE’s SA-1 to commence from September 16

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has declared that the First Summative Assessment ( SA-1 ) of the current academic session will commence from September 16 onwards. It is worth mentioning that the SA-1 is a traditional pen paper based exam for students of classes IX and X. Although every school can exercise their choice of date for the test, but it has to be as near as possible to that assigned by the CBSE.

The Nagpur Sahodaya School Complex (NSSC) decides a common date sheet and all the schools of the region adhere to the same timetable. As of now, the SA-1 in Nagpur is most likely to begin from September 20. The NSSC is one of the reputed Sahodayas in the entire country. Its growing influence also ensures that the whole flock follows a common date for SA-1.

Since last year, the central board had started supplying question papers online with the help of special software. The download facility commences about one week before the SA-1. Since, all the schools start the process almost at the same time, the increased load on the server ultimately resulted in slower functioning of the software.

So, the CBSE has specified time slots for schools in accordance with their region. For the Chennai region, the paper can be downloaded from9.30 am to 10.30 am starting from September 10.

The format of the question papers will remain the same – MS Word. However, the schools can change the online papers by mixing up questions or even making their own question paper.

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