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CBSE’s New Online System now makes changing subjects Easy


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Changing of Subjects becomes easier through CBSE Online System


The CBSE’s new online procedures for students to change their subjects in higher classes is matter of benefit for many students.
For example if a student cannot do Mathematics, now there is an option to change the subject and to pursue subjects like IT or fine arts.

Initially, the process involved in applying for such change involved lot of procedures and even impossible many a times. Previously, changing the subject was difficult because of the number of approvals required. But now, that is not the case.

The regional office has simplified the process and has systematically uploaded the documents online so that they can be sent through for approval without any hassle. We have two students who had physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology in Class XI and have changed their subject from mathematics to IT.  

The process of changing was not simple. Some students who take science in Class XI might find subjects like mathematics too difficult once the course begins. And if such a circumstance arise, a student can now opt for another subject such as economics instead. The process has been simplified now
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