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CBSEs liberal marking to take DU admissions to an all time high

The high scores in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) exams are all set to take the cut off marks for Delhi University’s (DU) undergraduate admission to an all time high, making it really tough for students eyeing for seats in the prestigious university.

In the recently declared class XII CBSE results, the total number of students scoring 95 per cent and above is approximately 8,971 which is nearly up by 3,000. Similarly, the number of scorers of 90 per cent and more has reached 59,591 which are up by 15,000, crossing the 50,000 marks for the first time ever since the inception of the board exams.

A total number of 500 students scored 99 per cent and above in Economics, while there were 622 scorers of 100 per cent in the subject of Chemistry. In Biology, 791 students managed to obtain 99 per cent and above and there were 480 students who scored 98 per cent and above in Physics.

According to recently published reports, most colleges are all set to limit the cut offs in the first list to 95 per cent. The first cut off list will be published tomorrow, followed up by nine more lists, depending on the availability of seats. The total number of applications accepted by DU is around 2, 70,000 and the number of seats available is only 54,000.

The main reasons for such high marks in the CBSE’s liberal marking system has been mainly attributed to the high emphasis given to objective questions with clearly defined answers. But, CBSE’s effort to minimize pressure on students has led to another set of problems. Firstly, DU has set abnormally high cut off marks and secondly, other state boards are also opting for liberal marking, also giving their students a fair chance in DU admissions. According to media reports, teachers have complained about awarding high marks even to undeserving students, the result being unemployability even after graduation.

However, in an interview, Smriti Irani, the newly appointed HRD minister has confirmed to take necessary steps and work on a new education policy.

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