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CBSEs evaluation system rebuffed by students

In a new turn of events the much hyped new evaluation system was rebuffed by the school children who were a part of the interaction held on the International Students Day meeting with Smriti Irani-the HRD Minister.

On the occasion of International Students Day a meeting was held between the school children and the education minister. As a part of the drive, Central Board of Secondary Education had singled out around 100 students from a couple of private and Government run Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan for the meeting between the students and the HRD Minister.

The students of CBSE schools have asked the HRD minister to put back the compulsory Class 10 board examination. The same had been made optional few years back by the Kapil Sibal, the ex-Education Minister. These students also criticized the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), more so the implementation than the concept. The CCE was introduced in 2009 as a substitute to the conventional exams.

The problems being faced

The Telegraph reported that the students have had a direct effect on their preparation as a result of this new system. Also there were some with the concern of directly being exposed to the board exams of Class 12 and not being used to the same earlier on.

Students have also criticized of the undue pressure that CBSE schools exert on their pupils not to take the Class X boards- as the students who do tend to skip CCE assessments in Class X.

Students also complained of not being able to remember the material of the CCE projects as most of it is copied from the internet.

There are even those of the opinion that the formative” and “summative assessments a year have turned the students casual in their approach in their studies.

In Contradiction

All this is in contradiction to what an online survey had to say, which was in support of the evaluation system. The survey which was conducted by a government agency showed results of the CCE being supported by the principals, teachers, parents and students early this year. It also fared that CCE had notably reduced students’ fear of exams.

A CBSE official excerpted, that, “It’s natural that toppers (who met Irani) may not like the CCE, but most students prefer it”, as per The Telegraph.

From competition exams’ point of view

Students also brought to the notice of the HRD Minister the shortcomings in the NCERT textbooks from competition exams’ point of view and so students are often left with no choice but to prepare from other sources for exams like Joint Entrance Examination, All India Pre-Medical Test, etc.

Smriti Irani said the children’s views would be sent to the agencies concerned and the matter will be looked into.

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